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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. 
~Frederick Douglass~



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"I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody, to be just nobody (to no one)." 
Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)


When a needy person stands at your door,
God himself stands at his side.
Hebrew Proverb

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Sertshang Orphanage Home in Kathmandu, NEPAL

Volunteers and Donors needed for Nepal orphanage. Founded by the Tibetan doctor Tashi Sertshang, the father of Choegyal Rinpoche, the orphanage's mentor. Supported in part by a Swiss organization, this orphanage of 50 Tibetan children ages 5-17 needs kind volunteers and benevolent donors. Before arriving at Sertshang most of these orphans experienced hunger, abuse and violence. If you would like to sponsor a child or make a one time donation to help with food or school fees, please contact us. We have bios for each child. Plan a trip to meet them in person! more
See these musical orphans perform; click here

Sertshang Orphanage Home
Tenzin Kuntschok
P.O. Box 20559 Kimdol
Swoyambunath-15, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 00977-1-428 57 91


$200 is urgently needed to purchase a water tank for the Orphans with AIDS house which houses and cares for children dying from the HIV virus. The house is positioned on a hill and has no running water. The caretakers must walk miles and carry buckets when they should be spending every minute with these children during their remaining days on earth. Please help us! DONE!

To donate directly contact Patrick at

THIS CHILD IS DYING FROM AIDS. Two Sisters Orphanage helps orphans and children dying of aids.
These photos were taken on our last visit to Two Sisters.  If you can sew, make dresses, repair shoes, string beads, make jewelry or any other sort of craft, you can help! This orphanage actually cares for a large part of their township and they have requested that we help them to set up a craft center at their orphanage, to teach girls and women to make crafts they can sell to support themselves. If you are going the Kruger National Park and would like to donate a week or more to help these struggling orphan girls and local women, please contact us or write directly to the orphanage director, Patrick Chamusso. You may also learn more about his very unusual orphanage project at


The Carpenter’s Vision, Inc.
While the willingness of the CVI social workers to support the school for indigent children continues, their own financial limitations prevents the school from optimizing the effectiveness of its ministry and even puts the continued operation of the school in a very insecure condition. When the members of the CVI board met recently to assess the school situation they determined that there is wisdom at this point to solicit assistance from outside sources.

Donations received by CVI will be subjected to strict auditing procedures. The written details of the auditing procedure and the mechanism of funds transfer may be requested by a donor. Please course all inquiries through the World Wide Orphanages, or email to the CVI Executive Director, Ms. Vily P. Gargoles at  more



Over 44% of the children in Swaziland are orphans! The populace is dying faster than babies are being born. Going to visit Swaziland on your trip to Kruger National Park? Why not stop by and visit this small primary school, right along the roadside, drop some supplies or leave a donation. Over 22 of the 39 children who attend this school are orphans. They have no water, either at school or home in this mountainous area of Swaziland.  The teacher herself is a widow with six children and receives no pay for her services at the school. The school was build by a generous English woman who has since left Swaziland. Someone who promised to help has since vanished. If you could send books or school supplies, donate toward the water tank or offer some monetary assistance to this school project that is carried out in the direst of circumstances, it would be so helpful. This wonderful woman who works so hard for these sad children, really needs some financial support as her husband died in 2007 and she has not yet seen any of the annuity from the government, that she expected. it would be fantastic if you could volunteer or make a one-time donation! While we were there, we visited Beauty's little home and found that her and her children were down to a few grains of mealy meal. We spent the day with her at the food store (amazingly expensive for such a poor country!) and paid her 8 month old electricity bill. That was in 2008. Although we are contributing individually to try to help, the school lacks everything from supplies to snacks. How this woman carries on is astounding. She is skinny as a rail and still in morning dress. She has six mouths to feed with no income, yet she strives to do her part to make lives better for the many orphaned children in her little district. We met her at a farm where she goes to ask for donations. We cannot make any substantial changes for this school or orphans here without your assistance. PLEASE HELP!  The school does have a bank account where money can be transferred. You can contact Beauty (the teacher) at the following email address: Listen to Beauty! Write her or write us to obtain her direct deposit bank information.


"We cannot do great things in this world,
we can only do small things with great love."

~Mother Teresa~

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. 
~John W. Whitehead, The Stealing of America, 1983



Sanghamitta Seba Sangha Residential School & Orphanage

Message directly from children to the world:
"We are all 165 children living with Malaria and Typhoid, we rely 100% 0n donation we have been together for10 years as one like family, we are determined not to be separated due to lacking of funding, we would like to take opportunities to tell to all charities, that nowadays we are lacking of everything specially daily food, so please give us a sympathy to help and support us. And we are so grateful for your kindliness to support our living condition and also we are unforgettable of your kindliness. Your supporting enables us to earn a living, hopeful especially to prolong our life. And also we are all would like to take opportunity to send our announcement to all the people in over the World and countries please don’t be stigma and discrimination to person with Malaria and let us participate in society like others."

The children and His Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero are facing difficult circumstances; there are no regular funds to permit buying every day’s provisions to prepare their food and buy their clothes while everything depends on the charity of the poor population living in the same area. The orphanage, like all the other villages, is located in a very forgotten and isolated area that can be described as a seriously poor and underdeveloped region of Bangladesh where even no NGOs or other development organizations are operating.

These particular children have no one else to look after them except for the Most Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero who has no resources and is fully dependent on the charity of others. The roof of the Pagoda where everybody is lodging is old and needs replacement, as during the rains water is penetrating through the roof and many children suffer from cold and humidity and easily get sick as they sleep on the earthen floor. In addition, the two rooms to sleep in are just too small and therefore overcrowded and the situation is far from happy, as they even have no decent toilet facilities but to go into the nature.As there are no sponsors supporting the orphanage there is no regular incoming money flow and therefore the Venerable Ven. U Wee Shudha Mahathero and his orphanage are surviving on their own, from day to day.

Vill :- Taingkhali, 319, Rajvila Mouza
Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban Hill District.
Regd. No- B.Ban-156/2002
Ma Ning Ning
Sanghamitta Sebe Sangha. Liaision Office: - Maddhyam Para, Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban Hill District, BD. Ph: 0088-036163055, Mob-0088-01713622100. e-mail:-

paimong marma, Executive Director, Mobile:+8801713622667



Head volunteer excursions to orphanages around the world. Meet with local media to generate volunteers and donors. Plan and organize orphanage projects.

Head our blog and plan web events and interviews with donors and volunteers to put on blog. Blog the internet to spread the word about WWO. Help plan our WWO Local & National Conventions.

While validating orphanages also capture orphanage news events, orphanage projects, write articles for WWO.

Help to validate orphanages doing research for WWO.

Help advance this effort by searching the web and sending us lists of orphanages.

Volunteers can join our live conference call once a month to find new projects. TBA


Many people who cannot afford the time to volunteer prefer to become a donor. Either a one-time donation or monthly or annual contribution signifies  the desire to help orphans around the world. Donors levels range from full to part-time, from contributory to supportive. Each donor must determine their own level of involvement based on their desires and financial abilities. WWO appreciates all contributions whether it's web research, on-site volunteers or cash donors. There are so many un-sponsored orphanages! With the right heart, you can begin a new life, a new reason to live, by becoming a key sponsor at an orphanage. You are in charge. We ONLY connect you to the orphanage and you run with the project. WE FIND THEM - YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! You make this website project possible! THANK YOU!


So. Africa Private Orphanage
When I was in So. Africa I was lucky enough to visit this wonderful "home grown" orphanage near Cape Town
RAINBOW HOUSE. The woman and her husband, after being asked to take someone else's baby, decided to dedicate their lives, their home and their money to helping unwanted children. It's a tough affair. Although registered with the state, she gets no financial assistance. She keeps under 24 children. Without private donations, she'd be in big trouble feeding all these mouths. I spoke with her at length and found one of the most charming and sincere women I've ever met. Her good heart radiated from her eyes. With some donor money, I left her enough for a month of food. She doesn't know I'm posting this, but she is a deserving recipient of my efforts and any donors contribution. Abandoned children in So. Africa don't deserve to face the world alone. With people like her, some of them can enjoy a real family. If we help, we can make the world a better place, one starfish at a time. Rainbow House video  Rainbow House Newsletter

Here is one story from RAINBOW HOUSE

Miss Mita story:   At the age of 7 her paternal grandparents went to social services and left Miss Mita on the steps with a black bag of clothes.  The grandparents told the social worker that Miss Mita alleged father, their son, is in jail, and they cannot see to her.  They also told the social worker that their son said that Miss Mita is not his child.  the mother is a heroin addict as well as a prostitute.  Miss Mita was then placed with us due to the fact that no family wanted her.  Why?  We only found out later!  After she had been with us for 6 months, two month old twins were placed with us and within days these kids presented with bruises on their faces and bodies.  I suspected Miss Mita as I had seen her temper when she couldn't get her way with the other kids.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was her who was beating up on the children and according to the Social Worker who councils her this is exactly what her mom used to do with her when she used to cry, in her words, "my mom would beat me so that I couldn't talk!"  she also told the Social Worker that her mom would have sex with men in the same bed with her! When Social Workers THEN went to interview family whom she had lived with previously about why they no longer wanted her, her one aunt wrote that she had feared for the lives of her children when Miss Mita was around and especially when she was angry.  The Psychologists report read, "Miss Mita is an accident waiting to happen."  Needless to say the decision was taken to institutionalize her, but myself and our Social Worker, decided against it.  I had a peace in my heart that I couldn't explain to anyone!  I just knew that she had to stay and that it would be alright.  After all, I believe that is why Rainbow House was created in the first place !  To save children from falling through the cracks in our system.  Two years down the line Miss Mita is a lovely 9 year old who is bright and articulate at school.  In Grade two and doing very well.  Continues to receive regular counseling and other interventions.  So you see, she will be at Rainbow House for another two years after which she will either be placed back with family or alternative foster parents as we believe that each child deserves the individual love from parents.  For the next two years we will pay Miss Mita school fees.   
CAN YOU BEFRIEND OR SUPPORT Miss Mita? Contact us or write directly to the Rainbow House in So. Africa at


Home from Home Trust was registered in May 2005 and much has been achieved since this date.  The Trust was set up by Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper, who had both worked with this model of care for the past five years and saw the profound benefits for orphans and vulnerable children.  Believing that this model of care provided a viable alternative to institutionalized child-care, the Home from Home Trust was formed with the support of other interested parties. Visit site. Home From Home Orphanage Home

BAPHUMELELE Children's Home. In 1989, Rosalia Mashale, “Rosie” to those around her, a trained primary school teacher, was disturbed to see young children going through the rubbish dump in search for food while their parents were away during the day, either at work or in search of work. She responded by taking children into her home, and together with a group of women from the community, began looking after these unsupervised children. Visit site. BAPHUMELELE Children's Home


When a needy person stands at your door,
God himself stands at his side.

~Hebrew Proverb~

 A few coins each month can keep a child alive. Please donate your spare change this month. Every penny donated to Worldwide Orphanages goes directly to support orphans and orphanage projects. No percentage is taken off for "administration." This is a completely volunteer association working to improve the lives of children in dire situations around the world. Any donations is greatly appreciated!


Warithang Orphanage School, Zadou, Tibet, China
A large orphanage in the heart of what used to be Tibet. This Tibetan orphanage, owned and operated by a generous lama, houses over 100 Tibetan orphans. His work is sponsored by several different organization abroad, but volunteers and donors are always needed and welcome. We have seen for ourselves the beautiful faces of these poor children when worldwide orphanages sponsored a winter clothing project in 2008. A couple days drive from Xining, the largest nearby city, the route is rough and arduous, but for anyone wanting a truly wild, grasslands, cold yet delightful experience, we suggest you make contact with the lama in Zadou to visit the orphanage. There are beds for volunteers, but no running water, electricity or normal bathroom facilities. Take oxygen! This orphanage is at about 12,000 ft. Well worth the experience.

WARITHANG GETS LIGHT!!!!!!!! - Watch Video


The 2010 Yushu earthquake struck on April 14, 2010, and registered a magnitude of 7.1. It originated in Yushu, Qinghai, China, at 7:49am local time. According to the Xinhua News Agency, 1,706 people have been confirmed dead, 256 missing, and 12,128 injured of which 1,424 are severely injured. I spent a couple of weeks in Yushu's Gyêgu town in 2008. This video shows Tibetan people I met, people I have photographs with! The epicenter was located in Rima village, Upper Laxiu township of Yushu County, in remote and rugged terrain, near the border of Tibet Autonomous Region. The epicenter is about 30 km from Gyêgu town, the seat of Yushu County, and about 240 km from Qamdo. The epicenter was in a sparsely populated area on the Tibetan plateau that is regularly hit by earthquakes.

Warithang Orphanage buildings near the town of Zadou were made unsafe for occupancy from the earthquake. The children were not killed, but they are currently sleeping outside. This is very sad because these were nice, seemingly solid buildings (I slept there for several weeks!). The surrounding villages have also been hit hard making it very difficult for the transportation of supplies into the orphanage. Over 100,000 Tibetans are without food and water. It will take a lot of volunteers to restore any sort of semblance of normal life. It will take millions of dollars from donations to rebuilt these villages and cities over the next many years. Every dollar counts. Every hand helps.

Please help these kids. Donations and volunteers are sorely needed. Please contact us!

She became an orphan when her father died. In China, although it is "communism", school is not free. In fact, at $300-$400 per year it costs more than most Tibetans annual income! Her grandfather had been selling off his goats to put her through school until now. He's out of goats. She desperately wants to go to college, but she has to graduate high school first. To her, this seems highly unlikely. She sees her future as a "struggling to eat" enterprise. She knows she will need to support her other family members, but without an education, a Chinese education, she'll be lucky to get a job growing rice. Because she is very bright, a Tibetan I know asked me to find her a sponsor. It's about $800 for the next year to get her out of high school. There is no obligation, but the donor would obviously wish to begin a relationship with this student and we hope she might make it through college and enjoy some opportunity. If you'd be interested, I can put you in direct contact with my Tibetan friend who knows this girl and he can get her to email you. There is email available in most towns in China (what used to be Tibet), although regulated. Please contact me if you would like to help this girl.

On the outskirts of Xining there is an operation set up by a Tibetan teacher to provide shelter and schooling to Tibetan orphans. They call it an orphanage, but it operates out of a few run down buildings with only one donor to get rice for the children. The children work at harvest time and also make Thankas to sell in order to get money to survive. Sponsors are urgently needed. Also any volunteers who could fund raise for money for a building, or volunteers who could go there and teach English. Xining is very cheap to stay. There is a great hostel not too far from the orphanage. Even volunteers who could paint or just entertain the children would be greatly appreciated. SPONSORSHIP IN THE WORKS 2010!

If you have personally visited or worked in any legitimate orphanage that you can recommend to others, please email us the details and/or website link, along with any urgent projects for that orphanage. Thank you for helping children.

ATTN: TRAVELERS: On this site, you can contact many orphanages direct and find out how you can help. Check out our "FEATURED" orphanages first. These we have personally checked out one way or another. There are scams out there. Be careful! more




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